How a car lift can make your life easier

Garage and car workshop mechanic those days really have it easy, or at least way easier then when they hadn’t car lifts. Yes a hydraulic car lift has many benefits, for instance you don’t need to lay down below your car when fixing it, instead you can work without hastle, just lift the car with your car lift and you’re good to go. We don’t deny that car lifts are convenient for a workshop professionals who fixes cars, but all this comes with a price – it requires maintenance and care if you want it to last for long and also be safe while beeing underneth the lift. You have to take care of your garage equipment and car lifts are as any other machine, also take those precautions into consideration. When you are working under a raised vehicle lift make sure that you know the locations of the controls and that those controls are setted up properly. Make sure that the safety vaults are functioning properly. Make sure that the hydralic pump is switched off when it’s not necessary. Make sure the lift is locked with a safety lock when you have it in the position that you want it to be in. A car lift can be a useful peace of equipment, but remember to take those precautions to be safe, if you live in England or Ireland and are in need of MOT and high rise wheel alignment 4 post car lifts then visit, they have all sorts of garage equipment including tyre changer, air compressors, wheel balancers and many types of car lifts.


God Bless the Cafe!

Having moved house AGAIN, life has left me little time to go out and enjoy myself. Life has been filled with packing boxes, selotape and lifting – Joy! You know what it’s like when you first move, you can barely find the cooker let alone cook on it, so I have relied on eating out a lot.

Well – when I say eating out everyone assumes it would be fancy restaurants but it’s more like ‘cafés’, namely the ones across the bridge from where I work at Galaxy towers. If you’ve never ventured passed the Town Hall toward the court, you are missing out on a magnificent array of eateries without which most of my colleagues would starve or be seriously malnourished. God bless the cafés on Great George Street! It’s perfectly located for my work place but maybe a bit too far from yours. Why not take a longer lunch? Think of all the calories you’d burn walking to and from Great George Street. You could have that extra piece of cake!

Firstly on my guided tour of ‘Frequently Frequented Fooderies’, I would like to big up ‘La Cascade’ the first decent café to appear on the strip a good twelve years ago. It sells sexy food with Mediterranean vibe. Ciabatta with roasted veg, tabouli and even a sandwich named after one of my former producers – ’The Matt Special’, which was later renamed as the ‘Al Kelly Memorial sandwich’, who was another past producer, my favourite in fact. Long live Al Kelly! We seem to get through a lot of producers on our show. Can’t understand why? I’m mean we’re not at all high maintenance or diva-ish in anyway shape or form. It consists of a baguette with buttery chicken, melted cheese, pepperoni, jalapeño’s and special Cascada sauce. Yum. It’s a bit like a pizza butty and is pure filth but me and my boys love it!!! Next along Great George Street is ‘The Roast’ – self explanatory really. It provides brilliant butties and of course specialises in hot roast meat sandwiches, hence the name. I’m salivating now as I always do as I pass that place. It lures you in with its magnificent selection of hot roast meats all juicy and glistening in the window. Slurp. That last bit sounded almost erotic. I need to calm down. Hot roast beef with onions and lashings of English mustard. Get me one now! I think there’s another branch of’ ‘The Roast’ off Whitehall Road, Riverside if that’s any closer?

‘Café Centro’ is next on my walk to an ever expanding waistline and in my humble opinion, provides the best bacon and egg butties at a very reasonable two quid. Good for spuds too – with chilli and cheese being a favourite. Grain is next, run by a lovely fella called Giles. When it comes to soup and a sandwich, this is the place. Everyday they have a popular tomato based soup on offer, but if tomato is not your thing, then you can opt for an alternate offering of spicy parsnip or maybe a sweet corn number. The butties and salads rule too, but the best thing has got to be their cakes. OMG! The chocolate is amazing and don’t get me started on the lemon drizzle. They usually have some sample pieces of cake on the counter…I grab it them by the handful. I’m shameless me.I know that I will have to add few extra minutes in my daily workout, and maybe get the extra protion of berry flavour goji vita .Still… I tell to myself – go on. You know you can’t resist. I’m drooling again. And finally – if me and my boys need something with a bit of a kick it has to be a chicken Pad Prik with rice from ‘Thai Cottage’. This is at the end of my route and offers a cheap and cheerful lunch menu with a starter and main for roughly £6 I think. I never get a starter, but I know that a main costs £5.25 – unless you want prawns then that’s extra.

Well all that talk of food has left me famished. Better nip over the bridge to get some fodder. What shall I have? Jacket spud? Soup? Sarnie? Oh – I’ll decide when I get over there.

Remember to tune into Galaxy when you wake up and also, don’t forget I’ve got a new show on the Galaxy Weekend Saturday night/Sunday morning. It’s called ‘Back to JoJo’s’.
See you next month when I’ll give you details about an exciting event I’m hosting at The Loft in November! Ciao for now! xxx

Leeds – Club, Bar Awards & Fashion

Leeds has a lot going on fashion wise and as a city we have so much to shout about. The likes of James Steward and Lisa Jayne Dann are both local ambassadors from Leeds working on an international level. James is the couture king and has designed dresses for the rich and famous, like Kylie Minogue and Victoria Beckham. Only last year James and Lisa represented Leeds during Vancouver’s fashion week and became the first ever British designers to grace the Canadian catwalk attracting the attention of the global media. With this in mind I was thrilled to play host at ‘Muse’, a one off fashion party held at The Loft last month and supported by Leeds Marketing. On the catwalk alongside collections from Lisa and James were clothes from Birds Yard, Ringlit and Fashion Pony. It was a celebration of many people’s hard work and dedication in the mediums of fashion, art and music. Representing the art front were Nicolas Dixon and Mikey Brain of The Dick Brain Collective. They are 2 Leeds artists on the up and they were doing their thing which is live art, live painting in the courtyard. They also exhibited many pieces of art and if you are into your paintings and fancy something really hip and very much of its time, then I’d recommend you snap up some of their work. Thankfully it wasn’t raining and was a cool added touch to the proceedings. It was on this very night that I had the pleasure of meeting the queen of Leeds fashion, Lisa Jayne Dann for the very first time. I instantly took a liking to her and her clothes are simply stunning. Don’t take my word for it, if you want to see for yourself then just go to the top floor of Birds Yard, Kirkgate and check out her new self styled boutique. It is pure class and another fantastic addition to the up and coming independent fashion scene in Leeds. Ps – Lisa, if you are reading this can I please borrow a dress for when I host the Leeds Bar and club awards later this year? Loving your work!

As I continue my fashion overload I was given the honour of hosting an event at Leeds Town Hall called Passion for Fashion, raising money for the Lord Mayors charities. What a venue and what a night! Organised by Leeds housing association, this was the night, the climax in which about 70 people between the ages of 14 and 65 got to feel like supermodels. After a series of workshops working with 3 established Leeds designers, each individual created a unique outfit to shimmy down the catwalk in. The initiative was designed to give unemployed people a boost in confidence, sewing skills and a glimpse of their true potential, all in front of an audience of over a thousand friends and family. It was even featured on Calendar! A great time was had by all and there was a real sense of achievement.

And finally, I would like to say a massive hello to all of the competitors taking part in the final of Leeds City College Has Talent. I had a wonderful time residing as ‘star’ judge on a brilliant panel and congratulations to the winner, Marion who simply rocked it! And finally – I recently bobbed into the Leeds City museum with my son. It’s a regular haunt for us on a rainy afternoon and it’s free! Make sure you go and see the Spice Girls exhibition. I loved it and again, it’s free! I couldn’t quite grasp the amount of merchandise they attached their names to or the size of their platform shoes. Had fun trying to explain to my 5 year old what the Spice Girls were. At least, next time someone says to him, “You’re Mummy sounds like Mel B”, he’ll know what they are on about. The exhibition is on show until July 2nd. Ciao for Now! xx

What you need to know before going for car repair at your auto service

Quality auto repair services require good expertise in automobile engine, ignition, starting, cooling, suspension, emission, battery, charging, braking and transmission and a lot of other details in a car system; skills that happen to be indeed unusual and unique.

There are numerous reasons why your automobile might require auto repair. Frequently your car should be driven to your vehicle repair shop, and different times it could be securely determined to the repair store if your harm is minor. The point when a car cannot be moved whatsoever, that’s alluded to as a possible aggregate breakdown. An incomplete breakdown is characterized like a breakdown when a tow might not be vital; though the vehicle remains to be in element quick repair. It may be perilous they are driving a motor vehicle that is certainly encountering a halfway breakdown, and it also really should be determined promptly by your repairman who has practical knowledge in auto repair business.

First of all,  determine what’s wrong about your car right before bringing it in the shop. To diagnose the challenge accessible, all you have to do is turn on a MD tool to accumulate the needed data, after which plug that to a computer to get a thorough report on what exactly is happening when you are driving your car, including some probable errors or fixes. You’ll find fashionable wide range of websites online that detail the pros and cons of specific varieties of automobiles along with their usual complications. You should browse several websites so that you can study more concerning the normal concerns and repair forms to inquire about any local mechanic.

The very first thing you could do when picking a different shop to take your auto to is discover through the BBB should the store you considering has experienced any beefs. If a store hasn’t had any grouses this doesn’t definitely imply these are worth your online business, it’s just a handy starting place. A store that’s authorized through car organization implies it offers researched the shop and contains made exposure to a variety of prior purchasers to ascertain if your store has met their standards. When you first go to the car repair shop you should look for the workshop heavy duty hydraulic lifting equipment in their premises, if they have those car lifts, that means they are repairing all kind of cars which means they have experience repairing smaller ones (which are more easy to repair) and you are probably in a good hands.

Always keep in mind that you’ve all of the options and you are therefore the main one to get the ultimate selection. In case you’re feeling uncomfortable using a specific auto mechanic, then just go and check another one. This may be really inconvenient but constantly imagine that you’ll shell out for the many repairs done. You’ve got a lot of choices around: from up-and-coming small to big shops or from corporate or family owned. Pick a car mechanic which will provide you with the best service as well as the same time frame may make you really feel comfy at ease operating with.

If you are a new driver who wishes to opt beyond spending big money with the car repair center, you really should know best places to get the job done.

If the vehicle has broke-down, individuals will normally bring them to your mechanic to have it repaired. But these mechanics can from time to time be costly. That is why an individual may attempt to maintain their cars so they really take away the need to have it repaired. Furthermore, they can be important simply because they help an individual learn how their car works and strategies they will cope with any points that it poses.


What is more efficient: Doing yourself ? Or paying someone else to do it for you ?

Technological advancement in the past few years has made has made vehicle equipment and machinery extremely effective and precise than ever before let us discuss the effectiveness and best use of your resources in your car maintenance. In the manufacturing sector, electric engines play a crucial role. Through the years, their efficiency continues to be revolutionized countless of that time period for quality performance. In any electric motor for commercial and industrial use, probably the most familiar systems used is the belt and pulley.

First – It is always recommended to change your engine oil and your oil filter at the outset of winter months. Second, if you reside in the area where winter months climate is extreme with below freezing temperatures it’s a general idea to go on a thinner oil. By doing so it will change your engine protection and vehicle performance in the wintertime weather. Third, synthetic oil should be your selection over conventional motor oil in the wintertime. Reason being, studies show that synthetic oil provide your car or truck by a longer engine life and invite your motor vehicle to amass more miles in between oil changes. A lot of people run into a problem when they want to do some fixes under their cars, but can’t lift them up, so instead to do that type of car fixing they have to use professional services that charge a lot of money. People in UK would be better of saving that money find 2 post lifts that are good quality at UK site – that would save more money for them in the long term instead of using services for quick fixes and paying more money in the long run and not owning a car lift.

Normally on a few online tires store provides the more desirable and eye-catching when compared with real world tires store, especially for a number of specific solutions as an example ATV tires.
Undoubtedly, you must have the full and clear view while driving your car or truck. You must ensure that your windshield is intact and clear of even little cracks. This can be ensured using auto glass repair resins system that can take good care of minor damages and scratches. While a obstruction or spot might appear harmless, it might increase and you might get in a bigger problem later on. So, you should take proper care of even the slightest dent on the windshield for your security and safety only. Customers who consider redoing the decor and interiors of their vehicle must look into picking the very best motor trimming services. London is amongst the biggest and busiest cities on earth, due to the large number of vehicles the requirement of motor servicing is additionally increasing rapidly. The business of auto servicing and maintenance in London has mushroomed to appeal to a big mass of car and private vehicle owning population. In such a competitive market, to choose the very best vehicle servicing vendor one can look for testimonials of previous customers. Also, by comparing the rates you are able to efficiently uncover the most reliable and affordable service provider with your locality.

Just like other professionals, car repair experts also need to study along if they want to get practically involved in the field and getting referred to as an authority. However, by just having work experience, it’s not enough the mechanic should also be professionally trained by experts and should know every small detail about your car, it’s different parts and how you ought to take care of it.

Fashion in Leeds

Armed with a well deserved glass of wine in one hand and yet another deadline in the other, I feel ready to tackle this issue’s column which will mostly feature my new found home improvement skills. Yes, after dramatically falling from a great height off the property ladder back in 2009 I have finally managed, with the mammoth support of my husband, to clamber back on. Unlike our previous property which we had to sell at a loss due to the shocking revelation that we had bought an amazing house but, on a terrible street, this time I truly feel that we have found somewhere to settle and finally call home.

Over the last 2 months we have been painstakingly modernising a property stuck in the 1950’s, breathing new life into it and bringing it into the 21st century. This house needed everything doing to it! Walls knocking down, rewiring, new windows, damp proofing, new kitchen, new bathroom, the whole schboodle (is ‘schboodle’ even a word? I think it should be ‘caboodle’ – ah well.) And now for the first time since the house was built in 1925 the property now has central heating. This is thanks to my very talented other half, Jacob who trained as a plumber a few years back, thus saving us an absolute fortune! It is so hard for first time buyers to get on the property ladder, but if you can save like a good un’ it’s well worth doing as there are some bargains to be had. We bought a house lost in a time warp but now it is starting to resemble something out of a glossy magazine. That won’t last, once I move in with all my nonk and clutter, and then of course we have a 5 year old who doesn’t travel light. No doubt I’ll be cursing him for leaving bits of Lego around!

fashion in leedsIt hasn’t all been sanding, stripping, caulking and painting. I have managed to do a couple of relaxing things of late including going to the Turkish Baths in Harrogate for a very good friend’s birthday. I can’t believe it took me so long to check out the Harrogate Baths! I always wanted to go but never got round to it. Now I think I’d like to go every couple of months. It was a ladies only night and we got into the mood by sipping some green tea (full of antioxidants) in the serene reception, but nothing can quite prepare you for how sumptuous and tranquil this place is. The historic building oozes glamour and is pure drama. It also maintains most of its original features including actual wooden Thomas Crapper toilets in the changing area. For those of you who have never experienced a Turkish bath, it’s basically exposing your body to extreme temperatures of both hot and cold. The ice cold plunge pool is scary at first but most invigorating. There are lots of areas to chill, relax or chat quietly with friends and it made a welcome change from going out to a bustling bar for birthday drinks. Me and my girls spent a good 3 hours in there and I cannot wait to go back! Think I’ll take my hubby there next as a treat for all the hard work he’s done at the house. They do single sex days and mixed days so make sure you go to the website to check, and if I was you I would book in advance to guarantee entry.

fashin in leeds2It’s the dreaded 6 week holiday, a time feared and dreaded by most working parents. Except teachers, as they have the holiday too so are able to take care of their own kids. That’s not a dig by the way, teachers work really hard and I am full of admiration and respect for anyone who goes into teaching and does it well. But how do you entertain your kids for that long? Get other people to take care of them? Well you may have to rely on family and friends, but if you do get enough time off from work to enjoy the odd day out can I thoroughly recommend Harewood House I recently went there with Adam O’Neill who does our ‘drivetime’ show here on Capital and we had a marvellous time exploring the house and gardens. Unfortunately, we forgot to go below the house to check out how the other half lived, which I will do on my return. It’s wonderful place and has plenty going on; a grand historical house, kids play areas, a lake, bird garden, including penguins and flamingos. My favourite part is the specialist gardens, especially the Himalayan garden and Cascade. Its beauty is overwhelming and I could have stayed there for hours blissfully dreaming the day away, but my son was more interested in climbing and going on the zip wire. Entrance prices vary as you can purchase a ticket for the grounds only or a full ticket which includes a tour of the house. It’s well worth a visit. Staying on a garden and outdoor tip – have you checked out the gardens at Roundhay Park? The winning canal lock garden from Chelsea flower show is on display alongside a couple of other previous garden entries. The canal gardens by Tropical World have been massively improved since my last visit and these gardens are free to have a gander. There is a small fee to go into Tropical World, which is great on a wet, cold day as it is reminiscent of a tropical climate. The park itself is excellent to yomp around with lots of open space, woodland, lakes and a folly in the form of small castle. Go on, get out there and have some fresh air. Ooo – I must give a cheeky mention to Meanwood Urban Farm, a favourite of mine. A small donation of £1 gains you entry into this community farm where you can meet the animals including donkeys, pigs and goats. The kids love it!

And finally, just one or two other things before I wrap up. I loved hosting the Leeds’ Bar and Club awards with Hirsty. Well done to all the nominees and winners, especially the legend that is Dave Beer, who received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his services to the Leeds clubbing scene. Well deserved methinks. Also – ‘Happy Birthday’ to Birds Yard, who have recently celebrated their 1st birthday. The shop is on 3 floors, on Kirkgate, opposite the Duck and Drake pub and is a haven for one off vintage garments and so much more. In addition the Queen of Fashion – Lisa Jayne Dann has recently opened up her first boutique on the top floor, so please make an effort to call in as shops as unique and wonderful as this need our continued support.

That’s it for me – catch you next time and if you need a JoJo fix you can find me on Capital on Hirsty’s Daily Dose 6am – 10am every week day morning when you wake up! xx

I may have mentioned in the past how I have a great admiration and interest in all things fashion. Well, word must have got out, as over the past month I’ve hosted 2 fashion events and even DJ’d at another. Yes, I do still occasionally spin some tunes if requested, and I was more than happy to play some choice cuts at a VIP preview of this years spring/summer collection at Whistles in the Victoria Quarter. It was even attended by a true fashionista, Grazia magazines, Polly Vernon – who gave a talk about this season’s key looks and offered expert style advice too. I was content just spinning my tunes and eating the delicious canapés (I had not had my tea).

Then something made me gasp and I was a little taken aback by this year’s ‘must have item’, which is a pair of pastel coloured jeans. Pink to be precise. Weirdly, only that morning, before the event I had been blathering on the radio like I always do and happened to mention how I met up with my Mum to take her out for the day and how she was outrageously wearing ‘pink jeans’. I must admit that I did take the mick a bit, I told her she carried it off, but thought that the look would never catch on. So imagine my surprise when the first item modelled was pink jeans! Sorry Mum, I take everything back. What do I know? You are obviously a fashion leader. Checkout the light weight leather jackets in store….I’ve got my eye on one of those cheeky numbers!

Power of social media

The power of social media for finding you a job is incredible. Search Twitter for “#jobs” and you will see thousands of vacancies you could be applying for. If you start using LinkedIn, not only can you look at the vacancies a business is hiring for, but talk directly with the hiring manager before you’ve even sent your CV. How cool is that?!The more online society becomes, the scope of finding a job will keep on multiplying. There will be more places to search, more places to apply, and more companies to see as online businesses start to rule the roost. But check the other side of that coin before you start embracing the technology we have. Never before has there been a way that we can document our own life so easily and its very easy to forget that this stuff doesn’t just disappear – it’s there for life unless we are careful with it! The obvious advice is the same old, “make sure you switch on your privacy settings” and “don’t have a silly profile picture”, but what really matters is that we choose what is acceptable for social consumption. It only takes one ‘mate’ to press the print screen button of that snap of you half-naked, licking whipped cream off a stranger’s chest, before it could be seen by the masses (even after you’ve done all you can to protect it from the people you don’t want to see it). Think about it – you’re only one keyboard press away from bad-press that could damage you forever. So why would you put it on social media in the first place?

Here’s an infographic of twitter engagement and power of social media.



I know it’s for a good cause, but surely alcohol and getting a holiday booked are the only two things to get through the most miserable month of the year. I think more cash would be raised for charity if people were honest and vowed to drink twice as much instead. Who wants to sponsor me?
I’m not talking about the type Obama takes, he was with company. I mean those ones you see on Facebook, taken alone, usually in a mirror with smart phone in hand and a gormless pose. Not only are they really rubbish photos, often with the flash showing in the reflection, but you’re putting the message out that you don’t have any real friends to take the photo instead. You need to get out more.
This U.S based poster company sell limited edition, exclusive art work for both modern and cult classic films. Often producing between 40 to 300 numbered prints, iconic films such as Star Wars, Evil Dead 2 and Scarface have all been immortalised with the Mondo treatment. They have recently branched out into selling vinyl of classic film soundtracks from the likes of Halloween and Drive. Check them out at and sign up to their Twitter page where they announce new releases. Most sell out within minutes and then appear at up to four times the price on E-Bay, so be quick.
Leeds latest bar is just opposite the now defunct Bar Censa, and specialises in craft beers. Some are served with such a high alcohol content they are only served in
halves, but there’s something here to suit every pallet. My personal favourite is the Sierra Blonde.
LEEDS, LEEDS, LEEDS! 2013 was the year that Leeds transformed from being a little bit stale to a highly desirable U.K city. Trinity opened with a slew of new bars and restaurants, and the awesome Trinity Kitchen, which redefined the boring, bog standard, shopping centre food court.

First Direct
Arena has picked up momentum, hosting sell outs for the likes of Springsteen, Sports Personality of the Year and Elton John to name but a few. Let’s hope the prosperity continues in 2014. Shame about the footy team, but you can’t have everything.

New Edition

The Brand New edition of City Dweller Magazine has arrived! As usual, Issue 76 is packed cover to cover, with everything you need to know about life in Leeds!

Highlights from Issue 81 include:

Party in the Park pictures - The City Dweller team spent the day at Temple Newsam. Check out pictures of Olly Murs, Dizzee Rascal and other acts, doing what they do best!!!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen REVIEW – Jordan visits one of the ultimate places to go, when you want to sample how a burger should be made.

Men & Womens Fashion – Our Pick of the Hottest trends around on the streets of Leeds and our new Street style section.

Cocoon PREVIEW - City Dweller Oli gives us his thoughts on the festival’s fifth year, with sets from Ricardo Villalobos and Sven Vath.



City Dweller

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City Dweller is also hand delivered to Estate Agents, Bars, Shops, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Hair and Beauty Salons, News Agents, all centrally located Council Buildings such as the Town Hall, Civic Hall, Trinity Leeds, The Light, Merrion House, Leeds City College, Leeds College of Building and many more!!!

City Dweller is the only FREE lifestyle magazine which is delivered to your door yet also available throughout the city and beyond.